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Mechanical and electromechanical locks

Mechanical locks still occur frequently in our homes. To their important advantages without a doubt we include the possibility of easy repair in case of damage. If such damage just occur we could contact with experts from one of the website in the internet –

Mechanical lock

Mechanical lock is very durable. It is performed with steel parts to increase resistance of the lock. It also can be coated with a suitable anti-corrosion.

Electronic lock

Modern solutions when it comes to door locks are primarily associated with installing electronic devices. Electronics is both an advantage and a disadvantage in such locks.

A. Lock must be constantly powered by electricity so that it can function properly. At the same time the big advantage is that you no need a key. It is replaced by the magnetic card or key ring.

B. Electronic lock can also be opened remotely using the appropriate application. This option is used in intelligent houses combining electronic lock system with wide management of the building.

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