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  • Around the house
    What should not be missing in the garden?

    The garden is for many people an oasis of peace. Well maintained and properly designed complements the house influences the perception of property as more attractive, which can be helpful at the time of sale. – To be able to fully relax in the garden obtain the furniture. Beautifully presented rattan furniture, but they are […]

  • Windows and doors
    The windows of non-standard dimensions

    Construction modern is characterized by the use of a large number of glazings. The windows of dimensions that can be seen in the residential blocks are already very rarely chosen by people building a new home. Now mounted windows larger, occupying the surface of the ceiling to the floor. As a result, the interiors are […]

  • Windows and doors
    The door to the energy-efficient home

    Choosing the door to energy-efficient home should pay attention to the rate corresponding to the thermal insulation. In the case the door is an indicator U. Most manufacturers offer door U ratio of 1.3 – 2.0 W / m2. There are, however, possibilities, with regard to the passage of heat. Better in this regard are […]

  • Windows and doors
    Energy efficient window

    As you know, the heat escapes from your home usually through leaky doors and windows. When building a new home is worth keep this in mind and decide on the windows of high quality, if you want to keep as much heat inside the accommodation. When you buy should pay attention to the ratio Uw, […]