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  • Tempted in the Scandinavian style

    If you do not know what style to decorate their new apartment, make sure to latest trends. A lot of inspiration can be found online, at various blogs devoted to interior design. Currently, there is a fashion for bright spaces, enriched with extra wood. All these colors characteristic of Scandinavian style: cream, beige, white, brown, […]

  • Colors of a modern house

    A few years ago, many of the houses looked very similar. Fashion was the elevation in yellow and brown or possibly red roof. Currently, trends have changed. Now houses modern with muted colors are using stone in shades of gray or even black. Elevation is usually white, roof dark graphite. They are mounted metal railings […]

  • Enriched wood facades

    Modern house is one that makes an impression at first glance. So important is the visual aspect and it is usually guided by a number of people choosing design their new home. House must not only be functional, but it should please the outside, enjoy your eyes, so you should combine these two issues and […]

  • The shape of modern houses

    From time to time there are new trends when it comes to the construction industry. They concern any issues, ranging from the use of a particular material, through design, layout of the premises, and ending with the selection of tiles and roof shape. Currently, it puts the houses on the simple, square or rectangular lumps. […]