Your interior

  • The project cost estimate

    Building a house is a big challenge, therefore everything must be to develop and advance a plan to not make a mistake. Deciding to buy a finished project to choose one in which will be included once full estimate. This is important as it will have insight into everything and no expense should not surprise. […]

  • The project house on a narrow plot

    The narrow plot is now no obstacle in bringing home. To meet customer expectations, architectural offices offer all interested various projects, often divided into categories. Among them there are also projects on the narrow plot. These projects will not subside with others. The premises are designed so that the interior was spacious and functional. Depending […]

  • Design house with ready interior design

    Those of you who do not have a hand to interior design, there are visionaries, they cannot themselves choose the furniture, paint colors, additives, so that everything fit together, can now breathe a sigh of relief. More and more architectural firm’s offers house designs with pre-arrangements, where attention is paid to even the smallest decorative […]